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Hair Care Products

When using hair care products on extensions and wigs, be sure not to overuse products. Small amounts used, help prevent product buildup, and products from weighing down the hair.

Extension Care Tips/Care Instructions

Moisture is the key to keeping vibrant and manageable hair extensions. Hair weave can not obtain moisture and nutrients from the scalp, because of this extensions require extra care to ensure they continue to look vibrant.


Shampoo Wash
Take the time to properly shampoo your hair at least once or twice per month, but be sure not to over shampoo your hair. Shampooing your hair too often can strip the hair of nutrients and oils, which can make the hair itself hard to manage.

Conditioner Wash
This is one of the best methods to maintain hair extensions. It helps to add and retain moisture while maintaining cleanliness. A conditioning wash, should be performed at least twice per month. A deep co-wash, should be performed at least once a month. Use the Keratin Defined Masque to deep condition your hair extensions after extended use or excessive chemical processing.


Allow your hair to naturally dry. Avoid using a hair dryer. If you must use a hair dryer, lightly apply a heat protectant and use a medium heat setting. Never go to bed with hair that is still wet, as this will cause it to be frizzy and tangled. For curly or wavy hair, avoid hair dryers.


This can happen if your hair is long, curly, dry/damaged, not regularly brushed. To detangle your hair, take a wide tooth comb or paddle brush and work out all of the tangles gently. Do not put a lot of force into this, as this can lead to breakage. Once the tangles have been removed, condition the hair.
Start with the ends and work towards the tracks and roots of extensions. Leave conditioner on the hair extensions for at least 30 minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water. Gently towel dry, then allow the hair to fully dry by air.


Do NOT apply any kind of grease products on your hair extensions. This will weigh the hair down and cause tangling.