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Who Are We?
We are Beauty Redefined. We encourage, unapologetic beauty expression. Kalonist Beauty, was started to help bring back self confidence in each individual. The stereotypical ideal forms of beauty, we are eliminating and redefining. We value quality, strive for excellence, embody boldness, give beauty diversity a platform, and most importantly impact the community by shifting societal norms. 

Meet The Founder

Kalonist Beauty was started by Mompreneur, Leader, and Beauty Investor Shamari Syph. Shamari, is one of the youngest women to start a black owned beauty line with a product demographic for all races. Her desire to redefine beauty and introduce self-love and inclusion to the beauty industry is what keeps her motivated.

After rising above the constant pressure of adapting to what the world defined as beautiful, she decided to start a brand that redefined beauty stereotypes. Kalonist Beauty, is the shift the beauty industry did not know it needed, and the first stepping stone in the direction of hair diversity. We specialize in protecting and extending the lifespan of hair units.

Our unique set of formulas can be used to strip heavy oils and product build-up off hair extensions to restore and revive any hair weave investment. Our product line is what we identify as, Modernized Beauty. It is an essential use in the hair industry, and one of the most desired beauty product lines. Through the use of typical beauty “must-haves” we illustrate a new depiction of revolutionized hair care, and we can’t wait to introduce it to you!
Protect Your Investment.